Norelco is meant for the personal care products which looks for the out of best result and easy life. Norelco is an American brand which has made a bench mark in the field of making electric shavers which also consumes lifestyle of Philips brand. Norelco is a send of Philips.sharpen a Norelco electric shaver

Norelco and Magnavox got the huge market share. Norelco is not only giving a better life with its appliances but also gives a comfort and flexibility in its function as well as working. Philips started co-branding their shaves which improved in 2005 as a brand name Philips.

Philips begin to make electric shavers in the year 1939.  Each and every product is a successful product of Philip brand.

Sharpen a Norelco electric shaver

Now to begin with how to sharpen the Norelco electric shaver there are 6 steps to follow for sharpening the shaver.

As compare to shaver price the blades of shaver are more expensive. So to maintain it Norelco has invented such a best shaver that it can be sharpen at home to easily.

Because previously people used to sharpen their blades with a sheet of steel so Norelco also tried to do same as by it  formula easy life with better comfort.

There are 6 steps to sharpen Norelco electric shaver

Remove the shave head

To sharpen the shaver, you need to first remove the head part of the shave and when it is removed brush out the access hair which are stuck into the area. But take care not use water for cleaning it.

You need to remove cutter from head side.

For doing this process you need to rotate the white color wheel to make cutter release and remove it from housing.

You need to Clean housing and cutters.

For this process you will need one clean brush and a clean tap water to  clean housing and cutter. Then make a close down to sink the drain . no need to drop down anything into the drain and then slowly slide out one by one cutter from it by sliding way or it may injured you.

Separate all the cutters from shield screen

Same process like you need to clean cutter and shield screen with clean brush and water

Sharp blades on glass

For this you need to place blade cutter on glass. There is a gross part which Is place on the glass you just need to put your finger on the top base of the cutter with a gentle light pressure on it and stat moving your finger with it.

Move it 50-100 times just you need to take care it doesn’t become dry as iot has lubricant quality.

You need to replace the cutter

For the process of replacing first you need to dry it with clean tissue and place a cutter in the shield then remove next cutter a sharpen it do not remove at once the cutter may be injured you. And now the has been completed its ready to use pain free shave.

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Every product need maintain It to keep it in good condition as the company provides the free maintain card but Philips Norelco brands gives self depending service.