Electric shavers are of two types. One is foil shaver and another is rotary shaver. While using electric shaver you must consider the shaving experience you faced before. When you are going to buy electric shaver things such as the speed of shaver, easy to use, or howclose shave you need must come in your mind.How to shave with an electric shaver

If you wish to have close shave, nothing will compete for the traditional shaving with safety or straight razors. And when the speed comes it is mostly recommended to use electric shavers which are easily available in the market.

One can experience skin problems or not easy to use these electric shavers but when you are in a hurry and wants to go through a quick shave electric shaver are the best.

Choosing a shaver:

People get various options in the market but some point should be considered before buying it. The decision should be made that either you want a dry shave or wet.

Most electric shavers are designed to use when the face is dry but it affects on the skin. And results in skin irritation or cuts. But to avoid this one must but a shaver which can be used in both the ways i.e wet or dry face.

One more option is available that shaver can be foil type or rotary type. The rotary shavers are preferred by most of the people. Rotary shaver offers to have a shave in a circular motion. Whereas foil shaver only allows shaving in a straight line.

Steps to shave with electric shaver:

  • Make sure that the blade you are using is sharp.
  • Now firstly wash your face.
  • Must use a pre-shave lotion which is alcohol-based.
  • Take the shaver in one hand and stretch tour skin with the other hand.
  • Shave at the side of your face including cheeks.
  • If you want to shave the part below your nose.
  • And lastly, shave the area of the chin.

Tips to get better and close shave:

  • Observe the hair growth and shave in that direction.
  • Use the proper angle to shave
  • Shave in different directions, forward, backward,up or down.
  • As electric shavers become hot as long as it is on

Maintaining electric shaver:

The quality of shaving can be carried throughout is you well maintain your electric shaver. When maintenance is regular and in a proper way the lifespan of shaver and functioning also improves.

After each use, the hairs stuck in the shaver must be removed completely. Some shaving machine has the facility of cleaning by removing their shaver head. So you can clean the head using a brush so that blocked hairs are removed.

By referring manual the shaver head can be cleaned using water. To keep the blades of shaver sharp and smooth the lubricant must be used. Foils in the foil shaver and screen of rotary shaver should be changed periodically.

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If the proper technique of shaving is used, there’s no skin irritation or cuts on the skin. and with regular maintenance, there is no need to buy a new shaver regularly.